What is Kreedo’s Home Learning Solution?

Kreedo’s Home Learning Solution is a complete Home Learning Kit with learning toys, curriculum books, and an app-based learning platform for children and an online course on the Montessori method designed for parents.

For what age group this is available for?

We provide Home Learning Solution for three age groups (levels). 3 to 4, 4 to 5, and 5 to 6.

How to get the complete solution at once?

Enroll with one of our Learning Hubs. Call us at number 8861001367 and we will get you started.

How is Kreedo’s Home Learning Solution different from other Home Learning Solutions?

KKreedo’s Home Learning Solution provides a complete early learning experience for the child through a practical and theoretical way with hands-on activities with our learning toys and worksheet and practice sheet activities through books. We also provide a solution for parents in the form of an online course on the Montessori method.

How much parental involvement is required?

The learning through toys, books, and activities through the app-based learning platform will require adult guidance and supervision at home. Instructional manuals and videos, support on general and technical issues will be provided.

Can I purchase an individual solution?

Yes, anyone can purchase individual solutions through online apart from Activity Planner, our app-based learning platform. Enroll with one of our Family Learning Hubs. Call us at number and we will get you started.

I’m a school owner. Can I get this solution for my school?

Yes. We provide our solutions to edupreneurs. Go to (Kreedo Page Link) or call us at number and we can discuss what solution would be the best for your school.