Because at school or at home your child deserves the best

Because at school or at home your child deserves the best

Before this pandemic, your child’s learning needs were fulfilled at school. All the physical, social, and mental learning happened when your child was studying away from home.

With this pandemic, your children are spending their time at home with you, and with this, a new set of challenges have come your way. It may be the online classes, with which your child’s screen time increases and they may get distracted or it may be the downloadable worksheets that they never complete or it may be the mobile phones and TV at home.

It’s more challenging for you to help them focus on learning.

You don’t want to miss out on a year of your children’s education and concerning this, you may have many thoughts in your mind.

  • How can I teach my children at home?
  • Will my children be ready for school next year?
  • How do I know that my child is learning the correct way?

Your child is accustomed to a structural way of learning at school but at home, it’s not the same. Your child may not take you seriously as a teacher or you may not have the experience or guidance to teach your child.

What you need is:

  • A plan and direction to teach your child at home
  • A structural system that you can follow to homeschool your child
  • An early learning program with help, guidance, support, and assurance
  • A program for you to teach you the ways of parenting now your child is at home.

Introducing Home Learning Solution

India’s 1st Home Learning Program that focuses on both the parents and their children. Developed by Kreedo, one of India’s leading preschool educations providers, Home Learning Solution provides your children with activity-based Curriculum Books, engaging Learning Toys, a learning app with a set of structured activities to perform every month, and for you, an online parenting course based on the age-old and trusted Montessori approach.

Get continuous support on each and every solution

Because homeschooling your child should be fun and interesting