Welcome to the World of Skola Toys

Welcome to the world of Skola Toys, where play leads to exploration, exploration leads to discovery and discovery leads to learning. For the little “Skolars”, the ideal experiential world! Skola toys stimulate the child’s senses by opening up a fascinating world of colours, shapes, numbers, alphabets, science, geography and more.

Children between 0 and 8 have an extremely high rate of brain development that constantly seeks information through activity. For these young Skolars, activity, work and play are all synonymous. 

They have a natural urge to challenge themselves and love to play with toys that stimulate them to experiment and are just tough enough to challenge them incrementally. It gives them immense happiness when they conquer these challenges, and they continue to play with the toys repeatedly, with each time additionally boosting their self confidence.

Skola toys are designed keeping in mind the natural development in a young child, and meet specific learning objectives in an age appropriate manner. They sharpen the child’s interest and understanding of concepts in areas of sensorial development, language, science, maths, geography and more. Every toy uses fine motor skills and enhances dexterity, which is the mark of all good toys for Early Years.

Our designs are specially derived from our “Learning Grid” that takes into account the broad learning area, age of the child and specific skill sets that the toys aim to develop.

Skola toys are made of wood which is a natural material. Young children clearly gravitate towards natural materials more than synthetic ones. The wood is sourced from renewable sources and hence is environment friendly. The finishes used in these toys are also non-toxic and safe for use by young children.

Please visit www.skola.toys to order from the Skola range of products.

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