Kreedo is comprehensive and complete preschool solution that helps you set up your own preschool in your own brand name or upgrade your existing preschool to adopt a revolutionary curriculum that will set you apart. Kreedo is NOT a franchisor and hence there are NO royalty payments as part of the solution. Kreedo is now a well established solution with over 800 preschools in the country being associated with us.

About The Solution

Kreedo helps you in opening your own school in your own brand name. Our support starts right from choosing the name of your school, marketing suppport in terms of design, branding, pamphlets brochure to the core components of running a preschool that includes a comprehensive curriculum, educational materials, teacher training including software for training and a complete assessment solution to ensure that the curriculum objectives are met.

Our Philosophy

Kreedo believes that every child is special and unique. Also, the ages of 0 to 6 years is one of the most important periods of any individual’s life because of the amount of brain development that happens during this period. Preschools play an extremely important role during this period. We believe that since the child has enormous ability to absorb and learn during this period, he needs to be exposed to a “Structured” environment where he is exposed to a variety of concepts. The child learns to be independent, self disciplined and learns through exploration and discovery. Hence, it is important that the curriculum, teachers, environment and the preschool as a whole provides all this to the child to aid his development. So, the child needs to be exposed to a child-centric curriculum where the child is given the individual time, freedom, independence and choice to explore and learn as opposed to a teacher-centric curriculum.


Mr Thirumurugan K

Gokulam Wonderland Preschool, Trichy
“Kreedology can give the best education to the child without being too emotional but giving them the best with objectives. The school would be setup in a way that there would be no comparison but uniqueness. Giving the best to the child because as soon as they walk into our environment they trust us without knowing and asking us indirectly to set the right track and we make sure it happens.”

Ms Smita Pandit
Blissful Heart, Jhansi
I want to reverse the time and start my early years schooling again, after coming across to this new “OLOGY”. This training has really impacted my perspective towards the early learning and hence, ready to give actual right kind of education to our society. In every part of the training there is hidden challenge to hit my confidence, which I like the most. I AM BLESSED TO BE A PART OF “KREEDOLOGY”.

Shalini Johari
Cherub’s Cradle, Gurgaon
“We found Kreedo, with its research and philosophy! It was a systematic, researched and much advanced extension of my ideology. I felt like a blind woman who has found a kind stranger who holds her hand while crossing the road. All the clouds of doubt and fear suddenly dissipated and I was rejuvenated by renewed energy. The very thought of having my own school thrilled me to the core. I had a wonderful support system at home in the form of my husband and children. Finally when we joined hands with Kreedo, everything started falling into place; right from finding a place for the school to setting it up.”